Stainland Skatepark Action Group (SSAG)

The members of the SSAG committee regret to announce that the Stainland Skatepark Action Group has disbanded. After much consideration this decision was reached due to the following reasons:

1. After vast interest at the start of the project in late 2011, disappointingly, by May 2014 only a small core of adults remained on the SSAG committee. The responsibilities of promoting the group, fundraising, grant applications and working with the Council fell to those few remaining members; this was no longer feasible due to the volume of work and changes in personal circumstances. 

2. It is imperative that we have the interest, support and enthusiasm of the young people in the village. This has significantly decreased over the period of time that the SSAG has been active. This was evident in the lack of support for the more recent organised activities and promotions.

3. At the start of the project, the SSAG gained a vast amount of positive support from the local community in the form of a petition with 600+ signatures. Additionally, we gained support from the 2 local primary schools, the local councillors and the police; this gave us the impetus to move forward. More recently, a minority have shown active opposition to our project. 

Any money raised by the SSAG will be donated to local non-profit organisations as per our constitution. The accounts are available for interested parties.

The SSAG wishes to thank all the individuals and businesses that have supported us over the last 2.5 years. 

The Stainland Skatepark Action Group Committee